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Popskull Project.

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Skull Popsicle is an idea of what we love to death. For most peeps we just love popsicle A.K.A Ice Pop in many different shapes, sizes and tastes just as people do with people.

This is a fun project i started with my Punk Skull piece and then i just keep going with this skull design. For a long time i always want to do some thing new with the skull. Keep it going as a clothing brand. My first shirt is Friday the 13th death for mom which it came out great. I want to do more fun shirt so i thought of Popsicle Skull with many different colors. Here are the designs i did so far. Artprints are going to be 11x17 because its just the right size for these pieces.

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1 Comment

Feb 10, 2023

These are awesome!!! I love the Red White & Blue

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